I started dealing with photography training more than 15 years ago, finding in me a delight in explaining and an attitude for sharing. Offering my personal contribution to the creative growth and technical consolidation of different kinds of students has been an ever-increasing passion. So far, I have trained over 1200 photographers, both Italian and foreigners, with courses, workshops, and one-to one lessons.

Sharing a passion is a responsibility. It must be done with due preparation, keeping a constant exchange with other professionals in this sector, being able to adjust to different personalities, maintaining the right intellectual honesty and a basic enthusiasm that makes all the difference.


My one-to-one photography courses are for all those who decide to orientate towards an intensive formula tailored on their personal needs, and cannot attend a class because of family, work, or study commitments.

Courses are available to students at any level, from beginners to professionals, and they are structured on a lessons series agreed with me personally, after a previous meeting (completely free), during which objectives, times, manners, and costs will be defined.


The training projects, besides being based on photo genres where I am specifically competent, such as landscape, travel, architecture, and abstraction photography, can also be planned on topics like photo theory and technique, composition, visual perception, digital stream, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop basic and advanced techniques, color correction, and digital colorimetry.


The one-to-one courses are held at M3Studio, a brand new photo studio in via Crescenzio 93, in the center of Rome. This comfortable and functional facility is only 500mt far from metro A “Ottaviano” station, and it offers the right atmosphere and the pleasant comfort to focus and follow the course in great quiet. For some kinds of courses, lessons in the studio will be supported by outdoor shots. It is possible to plan specific one-to-one courses and lessons by videoconference.


Feel free to express your interest in a study, research or refresher program tailored on your needs. We will fix an appointment (by phone, skype, or live) to talk about it and agree upon its details.


Learn “now”, having a photo experience on the field with the exclusive support of Riccardo Improta. If you want to join a deeper study of landscape photography with a desire for discovering and photographing some of the most fascinating landscapes on the planet, fill in the form specifying your preferences. You’ll receive a customized workshop proposal from us.

We are operational in: Italy (Abruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Lazio, Sicilia, Toscana, Umbria), France (Provence, Brittany, Normandy), Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Scotland, Lanzarote, Turkey, Jordan, Namibia, Seychelles islands, Dominican Republic , USA (Arizona, California, Maine, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont).


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